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Ultra-sensitive hi-end lightweight magnetometer for Drone

UAV 전용 자력계 (MagArrow)를 이용하여 자기 측량용역을 수행합니다.


 - 고고학 : 먼 거리를 조사하고 잠재적인 고고학적 유적지를 파악이 가능합니다.

 - 지질학 : 자기장의 지역적 변화를 조사합니다.

 - UXO 감지 : 빠른 샘플링 속도로 고속으로 비행하여 UXO를 감지하고 묘사하기 위한 완벽한 도구입니다.




Operating Principle: Laser pumped cesium vapor (Cs133 non-radioactive) total field scalar magnetometer.
Operating Range: 20,000 to 100,000 nT.
Gradient Tolerance: 10,000nT/m.
Operating Zones: Configurable for operation anywhere in the world
without dead zones.
Dead Zone: Polar only, 60° inclusive angle.
Noise/Sensitivity: 0.005nT/ Hzrms typical (0.01nT/ Hzrms guaranteed);
(SX (export) version 0.02 nT/ Hzrms)
Sample Rate: 1000 Hz. synchronized to GPS 1PPS
Bandwidth: 400Hz.
Heading Error: ± 5 nT over entire 360° equatorial and polar spins typical.
Output: WiFi data download over 2.4GHz WiFi access point.
GPS: Commercial grade with up to 1 m accuracy.
USB Port: Port for USB flash drive. Used for field upgrades.
Data Logger: Built in Data Logger.
Data Storage: 32 Gbyte Micro SD card, U3 speed class. Not field-accessible. Contact sales for higher capacities.
Data Download: Over WiFi 2.4GHz using user-supplied browser-capable Android* device. 10 minutes of data requires 1 minute to download.
*note: this system is not compatible with iOS operating systems
IMU: Bosch BMI160 Accel/Gyro - 200 Hz sample rate. Insentek Compass -
100 Hz Sample rate.
Total Weight: 1 kg without batteries.


Sample Data

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